Rise of the Machines

Major Grade (Lvl 7)



Capture and bring back alive the following Gnomes:
The mayor of a small town, 3 merchants, 3 thieves, the “sheriff” of a small town, 3 “nobles” (rich and wealthy), a member of the Library of Korranberg, and 4 adventuring Gnomes (members of an adventuring party)


Torch watched DESIGNATE-10 look back over his shoulder and snivel at the thumping sound of heavy footsteps, miming a signal for quiet. Spry as a cat, the scout sneaked up to the manor’s front door and began searching it for traps. A fusillade of darts sprang forth. StabsInFace grimaced and began to ram against the door with his shoulder. As Torch watched, a gnome shimmering with eldritch power and borne aloft by a pair of batlike wings stepped through the broken door.

Torch calculated a threat assessment and let loose a bolt of lightning at the gnome, who shook violently, twitching in the air. The gnome regained his breath and called for the guards, then let loose a spear of magical energy. Torch felt the spear rip into his mithril chest, damaging his vitals. System warnings began sounding internally. Torch signalled to his companions his injury and let loose a volley of force missiles that slammed into the gnome. The gnome, calling once more for the city guard, fled to the roof of his manor.

DESIGNATE-5 and DESIGNATE-23 looked at each other, then at the flying gnome. Torch whispered “Finish him, I’ll handle the guards”.

About 100’ from the manor door, the gnome militia of the hamlet was forming up. Torches were lit and being passed around. Torch muttered an incantation and waved his hands, and the fire from the torches burst into blinding flashes of light. Most of the guard were pawing at their eyes in pain, some dropping to their knees. More gnomes rushed up to the blinded to aid them. Torch saw the cluster of gnomes, ran a quick trial scenario, then called forth a pellet of fire and sent the bead flying into the crowd. The pellet burst into a mushrooming fireball, eliciting screams and death rattles from the gnomes within.

Torch ran a threat assessment on the one surviving gnome. Remembering the mission parameters, he decided to take this one prisoner. Summoning up a brief fiery aura around his warhammer, Torch charged the guardsman and clubbed him in the belly. The gnome dropped down to the ground, scorched blood dripping from his wounds. Torch stabilized the gnome and slung him over his shoulder to take back to the airship.

Major Grade (Lvl 7)

The light from the burning remains of topiary guardians illuminated the dark, as cries of terror and panic filled the air. Torch marched forward, reveling in the screams of the gnomefolk. Still, something felt absent. He accessed his memory to think back to the time before the Lord of Blades took him in, when he was just an unwanted relic of a war no one could win. Cast out of the house he served after the treaty of mournhold was signed, Torch wandered across the 7 nations, earning his way as a sellsword. With no need for food or sleep Torch accumulated a decent amount of coin. He spent what he earned on becoming a deadlier fighting machine: masterwork equipment, mithril plating, enchantments on his plating and shield. Still Torch felt a lack of purpose. Climbing the stairs of the manor home, he saw three gnomes cowering in the attic. Scanning them he saw one dressed in a bespoke velvet nightgown. Torch threatened the gnomes into surrender and strapped the well-dressed gnome onto his back. He begin running back to the forest clearing where the gnomish prisoners were kept, stopping along the way to retrieve the unconcious ranger. Serving the Lord of Blades felt good. It provided him with a sense of community and commonality of purpose. Fighting made him feel powerful and useful. But there was still something missing. What could it be, he wondered?

Major Grade (Lvl 7)

Mission accomplished! !

Major Grade (Lvl 7)

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