Rise of the Machines

Col. Grade (lvl 9)
Following the map

The part lands in Xen’drik and encounters a town of mostly civilized Hill Giants.

Lt. Col. Grade (lvl 8)
House Cannith Complex

The team is charged with clearing out an “abandoned” House Cannith complex in the Cogs of Sharn. The objective is to wipe out anything inhabiting the complex. Once achieved, the team will escort The Lord of Blades’ research squad to the secured complex.

Major Grade (Lvl 7)


Capture and bring back alive the following Gnomes:
The mayor of a small town, 3 merchants, 3 thieves, the “sheriff” of a small town, 3 “nobles” (rich and wealthy), a member of the Library of Korranberg, and 4 adventuring Gnomes (members of an adventuring party)

Adventure (5-28)
clearing out the dungeon

Party enters the second part of the dungeon. First encounter is an incorporeal wraith, which the party makes a “deal” with. The wraith is not sure of its chances against the party and the party likewise is unsure of their chances against the wraith. The wraith promises not to attack the party when they encounter the ‘Boss’ of the dungeon and the party willing leaves a bit of treasure for the wraith.
Party clears out the first set of side rooms. One room is guarded by a Flesh golem, which is quickly dispatched. The other room has a squad of Zombies guarding it. This fight should have been tougher, but the Minotaur was rolling ice cold and could not hit squat. The rooms are thoroughly looted.
The next set of side rooms is much easier. One door has a trap, which Scout 10 deftly disables. This room had a massive amount of loot for the party to gather. The other room is empty (wraith’s room).
Before checking the last two side rooms, Scout 10 searches the dirt wall that ends the dungeon. He finds a small passage and crawls through it. The passage gets smaller and smaller and Scout 10 has to push himself to grab the tiny gemmed box that is at the end of it.
The last two rooms have the big bosses in it. First room the party takes has the Gulthir waiting in it (a devil). The baatezu holds his own for awhile, but falls to the might of Stabs-in-face’s massive damage output.
Last room has a Vampire ready to dominate the first PC that it sees. This unlucky pleasure falls to Designate-5. The party determines the best way to deal with a dominated PC is to knock him unconscious, with Stabs-in-face doing the honor with a non-lethal power attack. D-5 is knocked out and the vampire is flanked and quickly dispatched.
The party has cleared out the dungeon and is making its way back to the Lord of Blades encampment.

Captain Grade (level 6)

Follows Major Tom-Tom (diamond dog) to another Karnath fort (dungeon).

1st part Living Spell (Cloudkill), 8 Ghouls, 6 Dretchs, 4 Imps (talk), Hydra

2nd part Wraith, Flesh golem, Vampire (5th lvl ftr), Gulthir, Zombie squad (Minotaur and 2 bug bears)

Lt. grade (lvl 5)


Fought the “Super Zombies”

Cleared out a Cyre / Karnath Fort (dungeon)


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